Cobblestone Paving Stone

granite Paving Stone (granite sett)


Our company is a professional production and export of various kinds of granite Cobblestone Paving Stone.

Paving Stone



Granite is the ideal material for lasting curbing among roadways, parking lots, commercial and residential development. Our curbing provides an attractive and durable edge for snow removal and resists ice melting chemicals. 


Granite paving is considered a better option, as compared to other paving materials. The natural color of granite is its added advantage. As no artificial colors are added to these pavers, thus there is no problem of color loss.


Granite Paving Stone is an ideal choice if you are looking for something which you do not have to change for a long time.


Our company is the manufacture of natural stone (granite, gabbro) Ukrainian deposits. We offer for your choice of a wide range of products, rich in color and size, which will help you to realize any idea, design solution!


The price of granite paving stones depends on the material and size of the order.


Depending on the amount of the order, the price can vary in agreement with the customer. Call us! Always ready to meet.


all sides sawn cut

 all sides natural splitted

 4 sides natural splitted, top flamed, 1 side sawn cut

top and botton sides natural splitted, 4 sides sawn



    granite paving stone all sides natural splitted

granite paving stone 4 sides natural splitted, 2 side sawn cut

granite paving stone top and botton sides natural splitted, 4 sides sawn

 granite paving stone  

100*100*50mm 100*100*100mm 100*100*50mm

Red paving stone, granite Maple Red GR 6

9,5-11$/sqm 17-21$/sqm  44,5$/sqm -
 40$/sqm 82,5$/sqm

Orange paving stone, granite Rosso Toledo GR8

 9-11$/sqm 16,5-21$/sqm 27$/sqm 36$/sqm  28,5$/sqm 38,5$/sqm

Pink paving stone, granite Flower of Ukraine GR 12

40$/sqm 74$/sqm
Gray paving stone, granite Gray Ukraine 7-9$/sqm


 -  25$/sqm 51$/sqm
Green paving stone, granite Verde Oliva

31$/sqm 34$/sqm 32$/sqm 57$/sqm
Black paving stone, gabbro
 6$/sqm 9-11$/sqm  31$/sqm 34$/sqm 20$/sqm 36$/sqm
Black paving stone, Extra Blue Ukraine  5-6$/sqm 9-11$/sqm 23,5$/sqm - 21$/sqm 36$/sqm

Брусчатка коричневая

(Васильевское месторождение)

42,5$/sqm -
40$/sqm 74$/sqm



*the price may be changed at the moment of the order

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